Wallpaper Care Tips Homeowners Should Follow

Wallpaper is a common covering that can greatly enhance the appearance of your interior walls. Unfortunately, wallpaper can fall into disrepair due to homeowners being unfamiliar when it comes to caring for wallpaper coverings. Preventing some routine form of damage to the wallpaper and other issues that could compromise the aesthetics of these coverings can help to be avoided by following basic care guidelines.  

Dust The Wallpaper On A Regular Basis

Dusting the wallpaper can be one of the most basic tasks that you can do to keep it looking good. Unfortunately, individuals will often fail to dust the entire wallpaper as they may have difficulties reaching the top of the wallpaper. To make it easier for you to reach these sections of your wallpaper, you should use a vacuum cleaner when long brush attachment. You will want to ensure that you choose the softest brush attachment that you have to avoid the risk of scuffing the wallpaper.  

Spot Test The Cleaning Solution

Eventually, there will be dirt or stains that get on the wallpaper, and it can be easy to assume that these blemishes will permanently be on the wallpaper. However, there are cleaning solutions that you can use to lift out most of the stains that may have formed. Unfortunately, some people will make the mistake of directly applying these cleaning solutions to the stained area of the wallpaper. Depending on the contents of the cleaning solution it can react with the wallpaper, and this can lead to it discolouring the paper where it was applied. One simple way to prevent this issue from ruining your wallpaper is to apply a small amount of this cleaning solution to a section of the wallpaper that is difficult to see. After applying the cleaning solution to the spot test area, wait until it is completely dry before deciding whether the cleaning solution is suitable for the rest of the wall.

Address Lifting Sections Of The Wallpaper

Eventually, you may find that some sections of your wallpaper may start to lift away from the wall. This is particularly common along the seams of the wallpaper. If you find that your wallpaper is developing the problem, it is important to re-secure the lifting section of the wallpaper. Otherwise, this problem will gradually worsen until an entire section of the wallpaper comes loose. To secure the wallpaper, you will need to thoroughly clean the wall under it so that any dust and dirt is removed before you apply an adhesive to it. By gently pushing the wallpaper against the freshly applied adhesive, you can secure it to the wall, but you may need to hold the wallpaper in place for several seconds to get the best results.

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